Monday, April 19, 2010

Business Ethics Takes Another Kick to the Sachs

Wall Street's less then squeaky clean image takes another hit as the U.S. Security and Exchange Commission charges Goldman Sachs with defrauding investors in a sale of securities tied to subprime mortgages.

What they're alleged to have done is basically selling it's clients bonds secretly designed to fail, then raking it in when they did. Not unlike selling a lame horse to a stable, then betting against that horse in the race. Ka-ching!

This Illustration isn't specifically about Goldman Sachs but more generally about dirty dealings that do occur on occasion in the business world.

I tried to make the composition of this piece interesting by placing the perspective below the subjects. This gives the subject a distorted look which I hope communicates a feeling of corruption and greed. This view point also allows the Aces up the sleeve to cascade down upon the viewer which I think is effective. I also incorporated a fair bit of green into the colour scheme, again for greed.

Thanks for checking into my Illustration blog. I appreciate any comments you might have.

Back to the ol' drawing board.

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