Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Domestic Abuse Video

I've done literally thousands of Illustrations over the years and have had every kind of reaction imaginable.

No illustrations have had a stronger reaction then those on the subject of domestic abuse. They've been featured in art shows, fund raisers, hung in women's shelters, used in literature and lectures to educate women from all over the world on how to escape an abusive relationship. The video featured below was even part of a German sculpture on the subject of abuse.

It fills my heart to know these Illustrations have had such a strong impact on women who have endured, and in some cases continue to endure, violence at the hands of their partners. It's my hope these pieces inspire them to seek the help they need to escape the cycle of violence they find themselves in.

I have no greater respect then I do for the many people on this planet who make it their life's work to assist others who suffer. That includes the many people who work daily to end domestic abuse.

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