Thursday, August 5, 2010

Tea For Two?

Accusations that Tea Party leaders tolerate racism within their ranks has surfaced once again in the news. If you do a quick Google search of Tea Party gatherings it's pretty clear to see that there is a racist fringe attending some of these rallies. Denying it only serves to bring more scrutiny.

Although I disagree with many of their ideas- I'm not of the opinion that the majority of Tea Party members are nut jobs and/or racists. But- if the Tea Party is to be taken seriously as a political force that speaks to mainstream America, they'll first need to recognize the problem and address it. Otherwise they promulgate it.

This is the Illustration I did on this subject. I have the teacup split in the middle with a black and white face. I really enjoyed doing this because I thought the design was pretty original and eye catching.
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