Monday, July 5, 2010

"WTF?" at the RNC

Poor Michael Steele. He's certainly had a rough ride at the helm of the RNC. He's at the helm when Rush is doing his radio show anyway but hey, riding shotgun ain't so bad Mikey.

The latest bump in the road to leave his tush a little tender was self inflicted unfortunately when he suggested to a crowd that the war in Afghanistan was "Obama's war". This comment has drawn criticism from all fronts, left, right and everywhere in between. A bit of bipartisanship from the head honcho at the GOP- he's pissed everyone off.

This Illustration shows Mikey's somewhat wobbly status as the Chairman. The GOP knives are out-stay tuned.

Oh yes- If you do get sacked Mikey pray they don't send Arizona's Congressional Candidate Pamela Goreman to do the deed. Yikes!

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