Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Flash Basher, The Brit, The Judge and The X-Man

Here are a few portraits I've done over the last week or so of folks who have made the headlines for various reasons.

My favorite one is the Malcolm X portrait. While searching for a reference picture I watched a few videos of some of his speeches. Wow! I'm not a mystic by nature but I must confess I was quite moved as I did the drawing for this portrait. I think he has the most powerful face I've ever seen.

I don't know why but I enjoy doing portraits more then I used to. I can't explain why. I don't even know why I bring it up. Oh well...enjoy.

(Click the images to read more about the subject)

Flash Bash-er Steve Jobs

The U.K.'s new Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg

Supreme Court Nominee Elena Kagan

Malcolm X who would have been 85 yrs old today

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